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  • Calculation and design of frame constructions through parametric information 3D modeling. Development of the full set of working drawings (section of the reinforced concrete structures and metal structures) based on multifunctional 3D model.
  • Project execution is performed using Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology by construction of the multifunctional 3D model of the entire building.
  • Integration of existing 2D architecture, structural-engineering and MEP-engineering sections of the project into multifunctional 3D model in accord with BIM principles.
  • Coordination of all project sections, development of the consolidated plan of all engineering systems in 3D.
  Based on draft proposal (working drawings, schemes, sketches and other materials), we provide 3D modeling of the entire object with full engineering infrastructure.Digital model in presented in RVT (Autodesk Revit Structures, Revit Architectures, Revit MEP) and DWG (AutoCAD) formats.

Multifunctional 3D model is the exact digital copy of the designed object and its elements. It contains full characteristics of the object, both geometric (diameter, section, length, area, volume, etc.), and physical (model of the material, weight, labelling). Furthermore, digital software allows to perform various sections and angle rotations, or temporarily hide excess elements for a more precise and efficient measurment and analysis. (I.e. one may observe which kind of reinforcement bars are located in a particular ferroconcrete column, types of its adjacent joints and their full characteristics).

Therefore, multifunctional 3D model represents a realistic digital visualisation of the object, contains all technical data on its elements and contains complete 2D information, since at its base is generated and executed all necessary flat drawings, printed any views from any point of space.

Consolidated network plan represents an integrated linkage and precise location of all engineering communications within building’s space. Such technique eliminates possible geometric collisions of the network elements between themselves or other building structures. Consolidated network plan includes digital 3D model as well as flat drawings for every single sub-system in the form of a floor plan with detailed datum dimensions and isometric views with network elevation marks.

BIM functions provide valuable opportunities and priceless advantages to all stakeholders in the project. This technology creates a much more transparent and coherent construction process, where project decisions are made and communicated efficiently during construction cycle and beyond.

3D Modeling